October 24, 2012

You're Cordially Invited...

... to a Dothraki Baby Shower!

My pal JJ at Simple Musings is about to deliver a teeny-tiny Khaleesi into the world, and I thought I would throw an imaginary Khaleesi-themed baby shower in her honor.

Today. Right now

Vaes Dothraki (aka the marquee on the lawn of my mansion)

Just ask yourself "what would a khaleesi wear?"

I'm going for Dothraki handmaiden chic
Stallion hearts and fermented mare's milk


cake, cream cheese mints, and sherbet punch because you know how much I love them


a sparkling cider pyramid, of course!

Party Favors:

Everyone leaves with their very own mini horse!

I'm naming mine Jorah.

 And now for the best part... my gift for JJ and her little Noelle:

It's a black diamond-studded dragon egg jewelry box.  Sure, I probably should have gotten something more practical for a baby, but little Noelle is going to need somewhere to store her growing jewelry collection and I think this is the perfect place to start.

And with that I will say 'Congratulations!!' to JJ and her husband, and I wish her all the luck in the world for the safe delivery of her little girl.  I can't wait to "meet" her!

October 10, 2012


I like buying things.  It makes me happy.  I know I should find happiness in more philosophical (aka free) things (and I do... really!), but sometimes a new thing just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And that is how I'm justifying the buying spree I have been on lately.

Here are just some of my recent purchases:

1. Old Navy The Rockstar super skinny jeans

I love these jeans.  They are super comfy, and they come in tall sizes.  I'm slightly perplexed as to why I have to buy tall sizes.  I think the starting off point for these sizes is 5'10" and I am 5'8", but I must be freakishly proportioned because these are just the right length (meaning just slightly too long, but that's how I like them).

2. Deux Lux purse

It's not this one exactly.  It is similar in shape, but mine is this awesome aubergine-y plum-y color.  So pretty.  It makes my materialistic heart sing every time I see it.

3. These sweaters from Forever 21

I read recently that Capricorns tend to age emotionally in reverse.  They start out as incredibly intense and serious children, and grow more light-hearted through the years.  Based on many of my clothing choices in recent months, this is pretty accurate. 

4. These OPI nail polishes


Both are from the OPI German Collection.  The top one is 'German-icure' and the bottom is 'Every Month Is Oktoberfest'. Awesome fall nail colors.

5. Season 1 and 2 of The League of Gentlemen

I'm going to barely attempt to explain this show by saying that it's sort of like a combination of Monty Python and The Twilight Zone.  So dark and bizarre and funny.  It used to be on Comedy Central forever ago.  Anyways, Mark Gatiss (writer for Dr. Who and writer/show runner for Sherlock) is in it and he is basically my hero/imaginary best friend. We'll talk more about him later.

Honestly, I could list probably 10 other things I have selfishly purchased for myself. But on the other end of the spectrum I have also purchased birthday gifts and made donations to a couple of charites so clearly I am still the saint-like person I've always portrayed myself to be.

October 2, 2012

Things And Such

1. Twinings Prince of Wales Tea

I have become one of those pretentious assholes who drinks tea.  Congratulations to me.  And I've been sucking this stuff down like it is mother's milk.

2. Anna's Ginger Thins

And everyday when I'm being a pretentious asshole, I am usually dunking these delicious gingerbread cookies into my tea. Really good, you guys.

3. This mug

This is my new pretentious asshole tea mug.  Or it will be when it arrives.  There's just something about a deer smoking a pipe next to the word 'tits' that makes me happy.

4. The Hobbit

I'm currently in countdown mode for Nerd Christmas (aka the day The Hobbit movie comes out in theaters), and in the meantime I'm drinking a lot of tea while re-reading this.  It's just as good as you remembered it.

5.  This short film/play

This is Sea Wall by Simon Stephens, starring Andrew Scott (of Sherlock/Moriarty fame). I hesitate adding this to this flippant list, to be honest, because this film (and my feelings about this film/play) deserves it's own epic blog post.  But if you find yourself with 30 free minutes and a desire to have your heart ripped out of your chest, kicked around the floor, and then gently placed back into your chest so that you will find yourself for days afterwards thinking about life, and God, and love, and the sea, and what everything you've ever thought about those things means.... well then maybe go here and rent or purchase it (it is only available to view online). Major feelings ghost material, you guys.

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