July 27, 2016

First Trimester: A Life in Pictures

Have you heard the news?  I'm currently growing a complete human within my own body.  A boy human.

And it turns out I'm not the Earth Goddess pregnant lady I was hoping I would be.

Since I can't communicate the experience the most effective way... interpretative dance, I'm going to walk  you through this 8 week long (14 weeks total) shit show with photos I stole from the internet.

But mostly this...

You guys I'm two weeks into the 2nd trimester and I'm still sick as a damn dog.  My spirits are not high.  I cried last night because I couldn't have wine or a hot bath.  And also because I convinced myself that no one even liked me any more.  They were only nice to me because they want to be friends with the baby.

It was one of my best moments.

We've made zero progress on picking out names.  Wade has more of a mid-century modern naming sensibility and I'm much more rustic modern with an Americana twist.

I'm planning on suggesting the name Fievel today.  He will think I'm joking, but I'm not.

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