October 24, 2013

Emerging from the Pumpkin Spice and Wood Smoke Miasma

HI GUYS!  I still exist!

I was in kind of a lull for a bit... not a lot going on.

Except that my brave and talented friend Kari at The Sunset Lane blog helped me merchandise my place up a bit by making me a new light fixture to hang over my dining room table (you should go read about that here).  And then further pimping my ride by putting gold polka dots all over my ceiling!!!  And I finally got my bar cart shellacked with gold spray paint and installed in my living room.

I did some socializing too!  I went to my first Tallgrass Film Festival last week.  My favorite movie didn't win any awards, but you should go watch it on iTunes because it is amazing.  It's called Muscle Shoals.

Seriously.  Go.  Watch it.  So good.

Anyways... here is a very well executed, award winning, MS Paint collage representation of my past month.  Hope everyone is well!

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