May 17, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program Edition

So yesterday as I was doing some hard hitting investigative research on Tumblr for Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday I got sidetracked by this gem from Cosmopolitan Magazine:

And no joke I was like this for 15 minutes straight:

You guys.... a DICK DONUT?  Is this what it has come to?

I think my favorite part about this "tip" is the visual I have in my mind of the actual act as well as the visual I have in my mind of the brainstorming session where the "journalists" at Cosmo came up with this act.

I just don't have the correct words to sum up all of my feelings about this.

So i'll just keep doing this:

Okay... ahem.  Onwards!

Since I didn't properly research this week's Imaginary Boyfriend, I'm just going to throw these photos of Jeremy Renner up without commentary and hope it is sufficient.

Who needs ovaries?
I wonder if Jeremy Renner likes donuts?


  1. You know, I feel like all of Cosmo was PMS-ing that day and it sounded like a genius idea. To me, it just makes me feel like a fatter fat kid even contemplating it.

    Until I too started wondering if The Renner likes donuts or not. Then... I got images. The images made me stop giggling for a second and instead start making a weird gurgling sound.

  2. It's a good thing we have a pretty open relationship or I might be somewhat shocked!
    On the other hand, wasn't J. Renner in The Hurt Locker? If so, that's when I noticed him. I think he would definitely enjoy a donut!

  3. I want to high-five your mom.

  4. I think I snort laughed when I read this Jess!! This brings up an interesting topic. I wonder if men magazines have articles like this.... if you just spread peanut butter and jelly in her, well you know, then follow these steps. A donut is probably significantly cheaper then that flavored jell crap :)


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