May 21, 2012


This is the sum total of what I have accomplished at work today:

I played MASH online.

I'm married to Pep Guardiola....

I doubt his wife will have a problem with this.  Sister wives!!
I drive a red Lambourghini Countach...

That's a sweet Lambo, you guys.
To my job as a waterbed saleswoman....

Financing available.
And after a hard day convincing people that waterbeds AREN'T the worst idea ever invented, I come home to my house in Holland....

So maybe I have to park the Lambo and commute part of the way by row boat?

Where Pep and I eat crepes with Nutella and Bicerin...

Bicerin recipe here.
And he never once complains about it being "too much chocolate" or "too rich".  And then we cuddle and watch Fraggle Rock with our 5 children: Pep Jr., Johann, Zinedine, Maradona, and Xavi Dos.

My imagination filled in some of the gaps.


  1. My mind has been officially blown. I had no idea you could play MASH online. My heart was broken when I just discovered my work denies access to the site. Although I will say a few months ago a co-worker and I played the old fashioned way- because she'd never heard of it. CAN YOU IMAGINE A LIFE WITHOUT MASH? Poor girl, I had to rectify that.

  2. I love your children's names!

  3. I finally got to play with it! And clearly it's meant to be with me and Matthew MacFadyen.

    You will live in Shack.
    You will drive a green Audii TT.
    You will marry Matthew MacFadyen and have 5 kids.
    You will be a House wife in Barcelona.

    I'm totally good with a shack if I'm 'shackin' up with my Matthew.


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