April 25, 2012

Boyfriend Thieves

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me.

Specifically I dreamt that Richard Madden loved me and one of you assholes was trying to steal him from me.

Did anyone else feel like Robb was super turned on by
Talisa cutting that guys foot off on the last episode?
Amputated foot fetish?

Not cool, you guys.

I'm not sure which of you it was, and I'm also not really sure of the logistics of how one gets their boyfriend stolen by someone on the internet.  But I'm still super pissed about it.


  1. It was probably me. And I was probably not successful. Doesn't mean I wouldn't try though.

    And yes, as I watched that part I giggled constantly and while my husband looked at me like I was deranged- I found myself saying "he wants it. Sawing feet get him going."

    I don't know when it's going to happen, but at some point Joffery is going to die and I'm going to throw a party when it happens.

    Also, I find myself besotted by Gendry- I adored him in Skins (and sobbed when he OD'd). I wish there was more of him clean and naked though.

    1. Oh my God do not even for serious get me started about Gendry. Jesus H. Christ I love Joe Dempsie. Chris was pretty much the only likeable character on Skins. Sooooo stupidly in lust with Gendry. There is supposed to be a scene coming up where he is shirtless and forging a sword. That's not a double entendre... he will literally be hammering a metal rod. Pretty excited about it.

    2. Yes. Yes I like what I hear. I'd watch him forge a sword anytime- metal or flesh (no shame in my game).

      And for sure he was the only likable thing Skins had going for it. Him and Naomi. Reminds me I need to get on season 5.


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