September 17, 2013


I just realized I haven't written a blog since August.

Here are my super solid excuses:

1. September is the lamest month ever.

2. I am the lamest person ever.

3. I've been watching a lot of re-runs of Wings.

The thing is that I feel like I haven't done anything worthy of a blog, but I actually have done some stuff.

On the home decorating front, I made these cool glitter frames for my Golden Girls portraits:

Still haven't hung them yet.  Give me another 6 months.
And I bought these hella rad acrylic folding chairs from my friend Kari who got a hella rad deal on them on Craigslist:

Just imagine how cool they will look
when I've covered the beige carpet with
a bold rug, and centered an even bolder
light fixture above the table. Hella fucking rad.

Okay... I'm done saying 'hella' now like a doucheketeer asshole.

I went to the Kansas State Fair. Twice.

And ate about 12,000 calories on each visit.

Always say yes to a gyro made in a truck.
And rode a ferris wheel.

And fell in love with this chicken's sweet style.

Other than that I've just been be-bopping around (not she-bopping around... gross) and trying not to eat too many mug brownies.  There has been some dating too.

So all in all a not so shabby month in progress for Jess!  Let's keep trucking into the big show... AUTUMN!!!

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  1. Can't wait to work on the light fixture!! I have been lame at blogging too. Sometimes, it takes too damn long to load pictures and then, I'm over it by the time they are loaded. Adult ADD. Woot woot!


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