July 8, 2013

Let's Rave!

I think I need to designate a day of the week to really give a big shout out to everything awesome in my life.

I think it is so important in the midst of the daily negativity parade of life to stop and ask yourself 'What's right?'

So here are some things that are right in my world today:

1. A family that rallies around me in tough times.
2. A dog that cuddles me within an inch of my life.
3. A pretty cool cat named Walter.
4. Big, grand dreams that make me excited about my life.
5. An ability to stop and pull back and really care for myself.
6. Frustrating obstacles... because I know they exist for a reason.  Probably to teach me about patience.
7. Friends that make me laugh.
8. Waffles for dinner.
9. Making new friends.
10. Seeing evidence of answered prayers all around me.

I'm coming off a 4 day Fourth of July food bender of barbecued ribs, chicken, and homemade ice cream.  I saw nary a single firework.  It was a weird one this year, kids.

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