November 29, 2011

Office Space!

I decided to dick around with the Retro Camera app on my phone, and now you have to look at these pictures.

This photo shows how well my miniature Diet Coke can features my shiny Russian Roulette nails.

This photo shows me doing one of my favorite things: shoving paperclips into the paperclip hole while listening to Pulp on my iPod.

Also this photo was taken at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night. That's the kind of balls out, reckless lifestyle I live.  No regrets, y'all.

And this is a photo of my office boyfriend Aidan posing proudly with his pals Lipgloss, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion and Fortune Cookie Fortune.


  1. This is going to sound strange to say, but you have very nice hands. There. I said it.

    My IPod goes with me everywhere! Even the office! They're wonderful for shutting out everyone else's nonsense.


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