June 12, 2012

Weekend Things and Such

1. This weekend I ran.  I was not being chased.  I voluntarily chose to run on my Sunday morning walk.  At times I even sprinted.  I don't even know myself anymore.

2. SOCCER.  A lot of it it.  My brain is going to explode with soccer and happiness.

3. Pineapple.  You guys, I legitimately ate an entire pineapple this weekend.

4. I still can't believe Game of Thrones is over for almost another year. My Sunday night feels empty.

5. My nominee for "Hottest Player At Euro That I Didn't Previously Know or Give A Shit About" goes to this guy:

Simon Kjaer from Denmark.
6. This award will most likely change many, many times over the next month.

7. Skyscrapers by Demi Lovato is a song that can make me cry.  Also Nessun Dorma from Turandot performed by anyone.  I was not always like this, but over the years I have become a crier. It's obnoxious.

Also I'm a really ugly crier.

8. I woke up this morning thinking 'holy shit I can't believe it's only Tuesday'.  Ugh.

9. Passion fruit yogurt is a terrible idea.  It feels like you're eating yogurt that has dead roly-polys in it it. Ugh.

10. I feel like this list should end on number 10. So I'm just going to say that this is still making me laugh to an unhealthy degree:


  1. Dude. The other day I ate an entire pineapple at work in under 4 hours. Who does that?! This nugget LOVES the pineapple.

    And woot woot for running! That's awesome and I commend you on your accomplishments and self motivation!

    1. Clearly what is happening is that we are once again mind melding and I am sympathy eating pineapple for you.


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