September 20, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Comeback Edition!

Yesterday when I logged into my email I had a notification of a comment on my previous blog from user 'bloody awful poetry'... and, you guys, it just really made my day because it was such a super nice comment.  Sometimes you just need a little blog love from a total stranger to give you some inspiration.

So I thought, in honor of that random act of gratuitous blog kindness, I would revive Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday in her honor.

And since this is my comeback, I thought I should pick someone super hot that is also trying to make a comeback: Tottenham Hotspurs manager Andre Villas-Boas!!

Now, you've already heard about my undying love for the dapper-as-fuck Pep Guardiola (who is currently living in NYC after leaving Barcelona... anyone up for a celebrity stalking trip to the Upper West Side?), but I think Andre is nudging his sartorial game into Pep territory.

Kind of in love with the little Tottenham emblem embroidered on his tie.
I'm sucker for a well-executed whimsical detail.
You see, Andre didn't have such a great time last season.  He was hired as the manager at Chelsea and then promptly sacked mid-season by the owner/Russian billionaire/Bond villain, Roman Abramovich.  Chelsea finished the season under Andre's second in command, Roberto Di Matteo.

He was made the manager of the Tottenham Hotspurs over the summer, and got off to a bit of an iffy start drawing the first two matches of the season.  But the team won their last match against Reading and I think this fella is on the comeback trail.

Yep, our man AVB has definitely got it going on.


  1. Yes. Yes I am down for a stalking trip to the Upper West Side. That's my very favorite part of NYC. Heart it. I'll aide in your stalking - of which I whole-heartedly approve as he is indeed dapper as fuck. Maybe I could fake labor (or I may not have to fake it) get his attention over to us and then you can just pounce his ass before he knows what happened.

    I've got you boo.

    1. Here's the plan: We sit outside of his apartment building until he exits with his wife. You go into fake or real labor which distracts his wife while I whisk Pep into a nearby taxi. Pep and I spend the day holding hands in Central Park, sharing frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, and kissing at the top of the Empire State Building (basically living the plot of a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film). We fall madly in love, and I convince him to come go back to managing Barcelona. We name our first child after you in gratitude.

      What could possibly go wrong with this plan?!

    2. Nothing. This is a solid plan. I am honored to have the future fruit of your loins named after me.

  2. Aww yay! I've been on the receiving end of random stranger blog love a couple of times, and yeah it's pretty much one of the nicest things in the world. I am honoured to have this imaginary boyfriend dedicated to me and my sudden bout of creeper blog-affection. I thoroughly approve of Andre. But let's face it, he still has some way to go before he gets to full-on Pep territory. UNF, that man.

    1. Andre's got a ways to go, but I feel like he's an acceptable substitute while Pep the God of Suit Porn is on sabbatical. I can't wait to see him on the sidelines next year, though.

  3. There is something about a man in a suit!! I am still enamoured with Mancini, even his name sounds tasty.

    1. On your recommendation I been logging a bit more time watching Man City play. You've got it right about Mancini, a definite silver fox.

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