September 27, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Super Power Edition

You guys, I totally have a super power.

Unfortunately it's not something very useful or the power I really want like time travel  and invisibility.

My super power is the ability to spot a handsome, English former public school boy at 100 paces.

They can try to disguise themselves by putting on a baseball cap or affecting an American accent, but they can never fool me.

Case in point:

The new season of one of my newest favorite shows, Boardwalk Empire, started two weeks ago.  In the first episode, there is a scene where one of the main characters, Margaret, is touring a hospital and has a testy conversation with a young doctor.  It's not an incredibly noteworthy scene, and yet it made me sit up a little straighter and say to myself, "Well well well... and who have we here?"

I'll tell you who we have here:

His name is Patrick Kennedy. He's British.  He went to Harrow with Benedict Cumberbatch. And he was in War Horse with Benedict AND Tom Hiddleston.

You guys, it doesn't help that his character on Boardwalk Empire is basically Mr. Darcy as a doctor in a 1920s era hospital.  Very arrogant and dismissive with the opposite of a bedside manner.

I can tell his character is going to be a maddening asshole... which I kind of have a soft spot for.  He certainly got Margaret Thompson fired up.

And so, burdened with this supernatural ability (and glorious purpose), the next logical question is 'how will I use it for the greater good?'

Answer: Honestly I'm not all that concerned about the greater good, but for the greater good of myself I hope I can use it to get myself a cute, English boyfriend.


  1. He's an asshole with no bedside manner but it's because he's frustrated! He CARES! He hates the BS! He has a big bleeding heart that he keeps guarded with barbed wire! He has to get. shit. done.

    I was concerned about whether my love for Boardwalk Empire would dwindle without Jimmy Darmody around any longer, but no. It hasn't.

    And can we talk about undercover- or should I say undermask- hottie Jack Houston?! Wait, shhh. Let's not. I'll maybe post about him a little later.

    1. You have no idea how close I was to making this about Jack Huston and Richard Harrow. Basically punching me in the heart every fucking week.

      That fucking scrapbook. I legit started crying last season when he was pasting photos into and smiling at his little scrapbook of happiness. Oh god... I can't even talk about it.

    2. OMG that scrapbook. I die. He breaks my heart every time he's on screen. I hope he gets a happy ending.

      As much as I love all the drama and shootings and random bludgeonings on the show- everyone can be beaten to a soggy puddle of bile in the end and I'll be ok with it as long as Richard gets his happy ending.


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