January 14, 2013

Asking Believing Receiving

I've decided to ask the Universe for something very important.




Those would all be great too, but what I really want are Björk tickets.

You guys, in February and March Björk is doing 4 shows in Paris, on an island in the Seine, IN A FUCKING CIRCUS TENT.

I just love her so much and I want to see her perform live before I'm dead and buried.

So this is me lighting a million sticks of strawberry incense in front of the statue of the Patron Saint of Icelandic Pixie Gnome Electro-Folk-Pop-Whatever She Feels Like Singers, imploring her to hear my prayer and send me concert tickets and a few plane tickets and maybe accommodations at a 3 to 4 star boutique hotel.

Pretty please?


  1. wow I haven't heard anything form Björk in a while, so she still does exist?

    Not my kind of music, but I like her taste in everything else!!!

    1. oh also if you don't want love, power, money can I have it?

    2. She's a goddess. Björk is very polarizing musically, but I can't imagine how anyone couldn't admire her hutzpah.

      After I get the Björk tickets, I'm still probably going to be after the love power money triumverate, so I'm going to hold off on handing away my rights to them :)

    3. darn it!!! But I do hope you get the tickets and then take poop loads of pictures you hear me! You really have to admirer her creativity and guts, she was doing her thing before Lady Gaga!!

  2. Bitch is straight kooky and I love that about her. I don't get down with her music, but she tickles the fool out of me. Good luck on your strawberry incense burning! If it'll work for anyone, I'm sure it'll work for you.

  3. Not her biggest fan, but I think she's absolutely kooky and wonderful and anyone who is BFFs with Jonsi Birgisson is hands down awesome in my book. Also, I totally, absolutely feel you. I'll place some offerings to the gig gods on your behalf!


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