January 10, 2013

Things and Such... Also An Imaginary Boyfriend Thrown In

1. Stars - Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

A lyric from this song (my current running jam), has become my 2013 life motto:
 Take the weakest thing in you / and then beat the bastards with it.

2. This jackalope jewelry holder... which I desperately need because of very important non-negotiable reasons.

3. Speaking of jackalopes and life mottos... this should be required reading (p.s. it has nothing to do with jackalopes).  But only if you're in the mood to have your heart ripped out, re-shaped by powerful, knowing hands, and then gently placed back into your chest cavity... and who isn't?!

Also, I think I'm the very last person on the planet (possibly the solar system) to read this... forever the last person on every band wagon.  As I was reading I kept thinking 'why didn't anyone tell me to read this sooner?!' and then I remembered that they did... lots of people... and several times.  I'm an asshole.

4. Richard Ayoade

Richard meets all of my imaginary boyfriend requirements:

a) English

b) Funny

c) Adorable

d) Incredibly talented

e) Looks great in a suit


  1. You're not alone there, Jess - I haven't read Life Of Pi yet (although I have thoroughly spoiled the ending for myself, yay me!) and I haven't seen the movie either, which makes me feel tragically unhip.

    On the other hand, full boyfriend approval points for Richard Ayoade! Have you watched "Submarine"? He either wrote the film or directed it, I can't recall, but it's super charming and funny and lovely.

    1. He WROTE (adapted from book) AND DIRECTED IT. Love him, love that movie.

  2. You're definitely not the last one on that wagon. It hasn't come around to my house to pick me up yet. I figure it'll get here eventually...


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