March 26, 2013

Incoherent Thoughts

Allow me to ramble.

First of all, it is 19° outside on the 26th day of the third month in the year of our Lord 2013.

It motherfucking snowed on Saturday and Sunday.

I ate my Greek yogurt huddled over my open oven door this morning like a little pioneer lady in her sod shanty (they totally had Greek yogurt by the way... and probably hummus too).

Where is the sunshine?  Where are the tulips??  I want to go on bike rides, and wear my new t-shirt.

This would pair nicely with some galaxy leggings, and complete my regeneration into a hipster asshole.

SPEAKING OF WHICH!  I challenged myself to make the most annoyingly accurate hipster girl outfit possible on Polyvore.  I think we can all agree that my mission was accomplished.

I think the lavender hair and pork pie hat really put it over the top.
Confession: If I were 17 (and had perfect doll tits),  I would probably wear this... not even ironically.

BUT there was no bike riding or t-shirt wearing to be had this weekend.  All was not a loss though... instead I spent Saturday evening at the incredible home of Katherine and Conan from Keep Smiling.  Katherine and Conan are currently in the process of turning a vintage camper into a mobile photo studio and darkroom for their business, Lamphouse Photo Co.  In the meantime they are set up in the attic of their house (which has seriously been featured in magazines and shit... it's that cool), and they photographed myself and some of their friends while the snow fell outside.  Super fun, you guys!  Go check out some of the photos they took of us here!

And so, to end, here's what I have on the agenda this week:

A fondue party!

Sweaters and mugs of beer will be mandatory.

I'm having a fondue gathering with my family on Saturday, and I have a question.  Besides bread and boiled potatoes what are some good things to dip in cheese?  I mean, I would dip pretty much anything in cheese and eat it, but what would normal people like to dip in cheese and eat??

And new running shoes!

I'm dealing with some serious shoe envy lately.  When I'm at the gym I mostly spend all of my time staring at everyone's shoes wishing I had cooler ones.  It's like a return to 3rd grade when everyone had Reebok Pumps, and I had knock offs from Payless.  Quelle sad.  I think I should wait until after the Color Me Rad 5K in May and let my old ones get destroyed with paint bombs.  Then I'll have a legitimate reason to buy new shoes.  Or maybe I'll just give into my natural inclination towards materialism and vanity... who knows?!


Game of Thrones premiere on Sunday, y'all.  Game of motherfucking Thrones.


  1. So. I have a lot of feels associated with this post and let me start at the one that is concerning me the most. Fondue.

    I just went to the Melting Pot for my birthday, so I'm like an expert at Fondue now. It may sound crazy, and I thought I'd hate it, BUT green apples. It felt wrong in my mouth, the creaminess of the cheese and the cool tart crunch of the apple, but it was delicious. Also, broccoli.

    That Hipster outfit. I just. I can't even. It's so perfectly hipster. Please pair with a pair of black frame glasses.

    Also, I saw some of those photos that your friends took and they are pretty fabulous. For longer that I should have, I totally thought you guys were in a band and that awesome story was legit. I was reading it to my husband and totally being lime green jello and wondering how you'd failed to mention that to me. He was like, isn't she your age? I said that yes, we were close in age, and he said "So she was like 10 on tour?" Then I stopped and was like... waiiiiit a minute... Then I read the comments. I totally agree with your friend. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story. Truth.

    As for the weather, a couple of weeks ago I could wear my dresses with no leggings and my sandals. I was so excited. Then, it got cold as hell again. Now I've got this adorable dress I've been wanting to wear and I refuse taint it with leggings, and I CAN'T BECAUSE IT'S COLD.

    GAME OF THRONES!!! *drops mic* I'm out.

    1. Wow. That's a long damn comment. 'Pologies.

    2. I'm so excited that you believed even for a minute that I played drums for a band called The Jill Offs. Because that also means you thought I used to huff spray paint and got into a fight with the members of Bikini Kill at Lollapalooza. This is making my entire life right now.

      I'm making a beer and cheddar fondue... green apples with cheddar? HELLO CLASSIC FLAVOR PROFILE!! Thanks for the idea!

      I have a closet full of spring/summer dresses that I keep staring longingly at. Bummer fucking summer (spring).

    3. The beer and cheddar fondue is what we had too, delicious!

      And yes, you did absolutely have me believing you guys opened for Smashing Pumpkins and that you send Billy Corgan Christmas cards each year. You're so rock and roll anyways, I totally fell for it!


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