April 1, 2013

A Weekend in Photos

Hangin' with the Matlock Crowd at Doc's Steakhouse:

I forgot to take a photo of our giant carafe of Franzia.  I don't fuck around when it comes to getting drunk at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, you guys.

Beer and cheddar fondue with the fam:

I didn't have the presence of mind to photograph the actual fondue probably because I was too busy applying it liberally to my face.  Surprise hit out of the assorted dip-ables:  granny smith apples.

Your NCAA bracket getting murdered by my (almost) alma mater:

This is 100% the only time you will ever hear my talk about basketball on my blog.  Probably.

For those that are interested in reading a dirty book along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey (but not complete and total horseshit), may I suggest:

New chapters published every Friday here.  You can choose to celebrate Easter and the Lord's Resurrection any way you want... I choose to celebrate it by staying indoors and reading smut on the internet.  Different strokes, y'all.

And finally the Game of Thrones premiere:

Total success because the only king I care about, Roose Bolton, was featured for more than 2 seconds and was actually given lines to speak.

Another pointless Ros the prostitute scene almost ruined my joy... almost.


  1. You know who I despise? That morose mother fucker Sansa. Bitch, stop coming up with stupid stories about boats. You should have gone with the Hound. Also, I missed Arya. Which really means I missed Gentry.
    Also, I'm confused about my feelings for Littlefinger. Like, he's a huge douche, but I'd hit it.


    Yay for the apples being a hit!

    1. Oh man... don't despise Sansa! I think Sansa Stark is one of the most compelling, misunderstood characters on the entire show. I think she's just as bad ass as Arya, just in a different way. She is basically living in a nest of vipers PLUS she's being physically assaulted on the reg by Joffrey and the knights of the Kingsguard (who she has spent her life idolizing as noble protectors of humanity). I think she got a rough reality check from life and is doing her best to survive. AND keep in mind that she almost singlehandedly engineered her father's pardon from a death sentence and would have succeeded if Joffrey weren't such an evil shit.

  2. I just stumbled over here from Keep Smiling. You're hilarious! And I'm on board for reading smut on sunday, just not any smut. I'm taking your suggestion, hesitantly...

    1. Hi! And thank you!!
      I get nervous every time I suggest a book/movie/anything to people and they actual heed my advice. I just know they'll think it's awful and start questioning their initial good opinion of me.


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