April 15, 2013

Hippie 4EVA (and my new Game of Thrones boyf)

I'm going full hippie this week.

Something is just way off for me spiritually, physically, chakra-lly (??).  So I've decided to turn my one bedroom apartment into a thriving hippie commune (population 1) for a couple of weeks.

I'm going to be using flower essences and aura sprays (yes I actually bought this shit).

Also I will be meditating and doing something called the Five Tibetan Rites.


Who knows, you guys... I could be detoxing myself into oblivion because my body is composed of 96% toxins and 4% cheddar cheese OR I could ascend to 8th Level Supreme Rainbow Vision Healer.  Either way, it should be a super interesting time for those reading this blog.


Guess who won the game of thrones this week!


Pod, what have you got going on in your pants?

Pod's dick game is apparently immaculate.  So immaculate that the prostitutes of King's Landing won't accept payment from him.

Pod is my favorite and my best for many, many reasons (and I already loved him like a love song), but now it's escalated to Beyonce/Jay-Z levels of true love for the two of us.  


  1. RIGHT?! Who knew Pod had all that in him? Good onya kid!

    So I know I said before I despise Sansa. And I still don't care for her, but I'm coming to respect her a bit more. I feel like she put herself in this situation, and now she's got to deal with her cunty ways. You're right, she's entirely disillusioned with the world and slammed into reality and realized the real world is a sonofabitch. For that, she does have some of my feels, but not all of them.

    However, she had times she could have changed her fate. Whether it was way back in season 1 when she lied about not remembering what went down with Joffrey or the end of season 2 when she could have escaped with the Hound (and I mean, comeon, who WOULDN'T leave with him- I know I would).

    Anywhooo, I am so loving this season right now. Arya is such a little direboss. And Cassie from Skins showed back up. And Gendry mmmm. And Tyrion is fabulous, and I have this feeling that Shae was forshadowing something...and maybe that's why I am trying to give Sansa another looksie- to see if I can be ok with what maybe Shae was maybe, possibly, perhaps foreshawdowing. Being a non-book reader is such a frustration sometimes. Also, DRAGONS!!

    1. I kinda hope all that happened with Pod and the prostitutes was an embarrassingly swift climax and 3 hours of Pod combing their hair and listening to them complain about the other patrons.

      Maybe the issue is (book)Sansa vs. (show)Sansa. (book)Sansa is like 12 years old and therefore more easily forgiven for being cunty and making terrible choices. But I honestly can't blame her for not leaving with the Hound. I mean... at that point she had been brutalized by other members of the Kingsguard, was terrified of The Hound (who let's be honest is kind of a loose cannon), and for all she knew it was an elaborate trick engineered by Joffrey.

      I think the awesome thing about this show is how there are no 100% good or 100% bad characters. Everyone has their favorites, and you can debate about them for days.

      You are going to be in Daenaerys heaven in the upcoming episodes. I cannot fucking wait. IT'S GETTING TO THE GOOD STUFF!!!

    2. It's all just so excitin'!! I've been singing the Bear and the Maiden Fair in my head for like a week and it just gets better every time...


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