January 13, 2012


Let's take a break from talking about dieting, exercising, and other forms of torture to address another of my obsessions.

You guys... I've got a problem with nail polish.

I'm not sure when it started.  For years I never particularly cared about nail polish... mostly because I never really had the patience to sit still long enough to paint my nails and let them dry, but in the past 2 years or so it's become one of my favorite and my best addictions.

Hence the drawer:

That would be my nail polish/manicure drawer.  It's not terrible... there are ladies out there (most of them with entire blogs devoted to the topic of nail polish) who have closets full of polish.  The problem is that the drawer is growing at a very unreasonable rate.  A lot of these polishes I have only worn once. Some of them maybe even never.  And I fully intend on buying more.  In fact, I have an Ulta gift card burning a hole in my pocket as we speak, practically begging me to buy more nail polish.

And I just remembered that I have 2 new Zoya polishes on their way to me in the mail due to this amazing deal. I am out of control.

Someday you are all going to see me on an episode of Hoarders living in my nail polish drawer with just a tiny little space cleared for myself to sleep. 

And it will be glorious.

So to justify all of this nail polish I've decided it would be fun to feature a little 'Nail Polish o' the Week' photo in my sidebar.  

This week's polish was a bit of an experiment.  I decided to use a dark brown polish from Zoya called Codie, but then after it was done it just wasn't doing much for me so I hit it with one coat of a blingy gold glitter polish from Butter London called West End Wonderland. It's an interesting color... kind of hard to describe... like a murky bronze-y gold.  I'm not in love with it, but it was worth a shot.  

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  1. you could sleep in an empty nail polish bottle, never mind you I haven't finished one in my life.

    My obsession started last year and I can't stop buying them....garrhhh, and I totally watch you on that show...to see what nail polish I should buy


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