January 2, 2012

New Year, Same Jess

Look at all the loot I scored at New Year's Eve Bingo!

The nail polish/manicure clutter in the background is representative
of another of my obsessions we'll address on  another day.
That would be:
- A Gin and Titonic ice cube mold
- Peanut erasers
- Bowling Dice game
- And a kicky new dish towel

The elements of my New Year's that cannot be accurately represented in a photo are the amounts of cheese fondue and bacon I ate.

That's how you do New Year's Eve right, you guys: cheese fondue and bacon.

Champagne is so last year. Basic bitches drink that shit so I don't even bother.

In other important news, I went all Type A on my cruise packing/to do list this morning. I've got dinner outfits planned for every night on the ship down to what jewelry I'm wearing, clutch I'm carrying, make up style I'm applying, and hair style I'll be styling. Sweet McGillicuddy Jesus, I am organized and so ready for this trip.

I was totes having a white girl problem though because I have lost quite a bit of weight since summer, therefore all of my shorts are too big and look super stupid all cinched up with my belt.

I realize that this is an awesome problem to have, you guys.

But, no matter how awesome, I still had to try and find some new, smaller shorts in the dead middle of winter! And, lo and behold, Old Navy actually had some in my size. Super duper score.

So besides all of the sunless tanner I need to apply, I'm pretty much ready to go.  Applying sunless tanner is going to be my new hobby for the next 3 weeks.

Let's all collectively pray this doesn't happen.


  1. "Basic bitches drink that shit"

    God, do I love you.

    That picture of Lindsay Hohan is terrifying. Also, I'm in love with your peanut erasers. Share?

  2. Not gonna lie, I thought at first that said "kinky dish towel" and I was beyond intrigued. I looked really really hard at the picture looking for it... Now I'm going to go Google kinky dish towels. Also, props on being on top of the packing game- I fail at packing.


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