January 20, 2012

Super Random Idea

I love when inspiration strikes out of nowhere and you know with all of your heart that you just have to accomplish it. Yesterday it popped into my head that I should do something that I've always abstractly thought about trying.

This year I'm going to make every recipe* from one of my all time favorite books 'Like Water For Chocolate'.

I've always wanted to, and, by God, I'm effing doing it.

For those not familiar with this amazing book, it is a sort of fairy tale about a Mexican girl named Tita who's God given talent in life is to cook. She is like Cinderella, but more soulful and tragic. Each chapter includes a recipe, and the preparation of the recipe is woven artfully through story.  It is so amazing.

This is going to be so awesome. And I will of course be blogging about.

*I'm reserving the right to exclude the recipe for matches and possibly the one that makes 50 lbs of chorizo. I will also have to find appropriate substitutions for some ingredients, of course.


  1. Never heard of it but by Charlie Wonker if that is about chocolate I need to have a peek.

    I wish you good luck on completing this and look forward to all the tasty pictures (better clean my monitor before I lick it)

  2. I've heard of it, but I've never gotten around to reading it. I'll have to look into it. And I'm not sure why you'd omit the recipes for 50lbs of chorizo. I'm sure you could freeze some. Ha!


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