December 29, 2011

I Bet You've Never Virtual Toasted Before

Who would have thought that I could draw ice cubes better than I could make those bracket thingamajigs?  Definitely not me.

Okay... glasses up and ready!

"Here's to a clear conscience or a poor memory...  L'Chaim!"


I'll be talking at y'all in the new year, so have a GREAT one. Don't forget to wear your yellow underpants and throw a bucket of water out the window at midnight!


  1. I am.So.Going.To.Try.That!

    Used to be a dr.pepper addict, happy new year and all tha best!

  2. You should! Because it's really just an excuse to drink Dr. Pepper while all of the "adults" are pretending they like their fancy-schmancy martinis and such.


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