February 4, 2013


Oh HI!!

Did you see?! Did you SEE?!!  That's me and the Italian Sea Captain of My Heart and Soul.

Or here... this is better (Sorry, Kris!!):

So, in addition to falling in lurve with a sea captain, it was an incredibly eventful and fun trip!

We started the first day in the airport in Wichita... I arrived approximately 8 hours early because I am a cursed with the infamous Hensley Compulsive Punctuality Disorder.

The travel was uneventful, and we arrived at our hotel in South Beach unscathed. After a minor problem involving our hotel reservation, we checked in and went out to explore.

We found out that something called the 'Art Deco Weekend' was going on... lots of vendors and live music on Ocean Drive.  We wandered around, ate giant slices of pizza at Pizza Rustica...

I think this had goat cheese and olives... it was really good.

I got hit on and ran away from some creepy dude who wanted to 'be my boyfriend', and participated in FREE! happy hour at our hotel..

All in all it was a good night.

We woke up bright and early Saturday and made our way to the famous News Cafe for breakfast...

Eggs Florentine.. yum!
And finally got our first look at the actual beach...

We loaded up in a taxi and made our way to the ship...

The hair situation... I was having issues with the humidity.
And within like 15 minutes we were already on the ship.... seriously the EASIEST embarkation.  Way to go Carnival!!

We said ' Au Revoir Auf Wiedersehen Hasta Luego' to Miami...

And the real party was underway...

These were disgusting... and free.



  1. I'm eagerly awaiting to here more about said sea captain and a Bosnian water named Edvin.

  2. Oh tell us more about the lurvly sea captain! It looks really nice, the food made hungry and you looked so pretty!!

  3. Not ready for the drrty south humidity? I grew up down here, you'd think my hair would be immune (especially after living in Bama) but nope. It's hard to tame.

    I knew you'd have a love affair with the Captain! I TOLD YOU! Way to go Paula! Way to go!

    I can't wait to see more!!


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