February 14, 2013

Imaginary Valentine Thursday... My Distinguished Austrian Gentleman Edition

Since I don't have an actual Valentine this year (or any year), I'm going on an imaginary Valentine's Day date with the man of my dreams...

Christoph and I have big plans tonight, but first a costume change!

You could probably seduce a man at 20 paces in this.

Who knows what we're going to get up to tonight?!  Champagne?  Candlelight??  Der Humpink???

All I know is the party won't stop until someone is in Freudian method psychoanalysis (because Freud was Austrian... get it?).

I didn't watch a romantic movie last night because I was running and eating cauliflower cheese "bread"sticks.

But here's another of my faves that I totally would have watched if I weren't doing more important things:

Notable for being zingy and hilarious... even 75 years later.

Casual leopard in the backseat.  Brilliant.

Plus Cary Grant in a negligee...

Go forth and spread some disease and drug-free love today, kids!



    Can I just say, Cary Grant in negligee would still not be denied.

    And that outfit, ohemmgee. You could seduce most women at 20 paces in that too. Those shoes, holy mother of Cheesus, those SHOES.

  2. Der Humpink really made me chuckle. La la la la laaaa laaaa laaaa laaaa laaaaahhhh.

  3. Dude, I'd get with that guy too.

    AND Cary Grant.


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