February 27, 2013


Just some things that have tickled my fancy lately.

Holzer, Jenny. It is in Your Self-Interest to Find a Way to Be Very Tender,
White Danby marble imperial footstool, 1983-85
(Collection of Jessica and Frank Lonergan).

Inspiration for bedroom in apartment. (Source)

Fresh home from Afghanistan. Killing it in
a Paddington Bear apron. Guh.
Messy hair. Pink lipstick.

Dreaming about warm summer evenings.


  1. I love that headboard. I've tried to get the hubby on board with headboards like that and well, I'm still trying. You go, go forth and make it happen.

    1. So I was going to try to make an upholstered headboard, but then I found a rattan headboard in an antiques store for $15 (holla!). So instead I'm going to make euro sized shams out of a jazzy floral pattern fabric... this pattern actually:

      I think it will keep me going in the general direction of the inspiration photo. AND if my $15 headboard collapses, I'll just use the structured part of it as the base for my new upholstered headboard! Decorating a new apartment is super fun, btw!

    2. Also, I think it's an indicator of our age and maturity level that we skipped past the photo of Prince Harry and his lovely ginger forearms to talk about headboards. We're real adults now!!

    3. I lovelovelove that fabric and I think you got a fabulous steal with the headboard, and if it does fall to pieces eventually, you have a pretty sweet back up plan.

      And yes, we are very mature and I did not spend entirely too long yesterday looking at this picture:


      And just... thinking...

    4. Also, I'm going to leave this here:

      Read the quote from Harry down at the bottom. I teared up like a total pansy.

  2. I'm like Simple Musing's husband. I just couldn't do that headboard. Not in good conscience.

    I love that Stornoway track/video. Viva indie folk!

    1. Adding this to the list of awesome things about being a single lady:
      - I answer to no one about my decorating decisions.

      It's terrific! I'm probably going to paint a Hello Kitty mural just because I can.


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