May 3, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Almost Topical Edition

I was trying to think of someone topical this week, and I'm not sure that I was 100% successful in that effort, but did you guys know the Kentucky Derby is this weekend?  Did you know that this is a horse race?  A big one?

I did.  It's actually one of my favorite sporting events of the year.

Anyone else remember Smarty Jones? Anyone?  

So... horses.

No, my imaginary boyfriend isn't a horse, you guys.

Catherine the Great wouldn't judge me, though.

Viggo Mortensen is my imaginary boyfriend. And now you are wondering what the eff this has to do with horses.

Viggo is kind of curious to see where this line of logic is heading too.

You guys, Viggo got so attached to the horses he rode in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that he bought them and keeps them as pets.  There is also a story on the internet (which has never lied to me) that he found out that the horse Arwen's stunt double rode was up for auction so he bought it and gave it to the stunt double because she couldn't afford to buy it herself.

What an asshole.  I guess he tries to make up for his terrible personality and general awfulness as a human being by being an artist, musician, poet, and Aragorn.

Nice try, Viggo.  We ain't buying it.  Unless you buy us a horse.

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