May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Things and Such

You guys, I wasn't really planning on seeing The Avengers.

But now I'm thinking I definitely maybe should go?

This weekend I got my first book for my reading the 50 greatest books project.  I'm starting at #50 with Tom Jones and working my way to #1 over the course of the next 7,000 years (approximately).

Who knew a biography of Tom Jones was such an important and influential book?  I didn't.
I also bought myself this t-shirt to wear during my Euro viewing activities this summer:

Those are the names of the core Spanish National Team.  I will be the nerd wearing this.

Although, if I had my choice it would be a t-shirt with just this motherflippers face and torso emblazoned on it:

In other news, I am .2 lbs away from reaching my next 10% weight loss goal.   I probably would have reached it if I hadn't eaten 15 chocolate cookies this weekend.  Very exciting, though!  I'm at the lowest weight I have been in like 3 years.  Huzzah!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss, that is definitely always exciting. Somehow, even with the nugget I'm growing, I'm managing to lose a bit of weight too.

    And I... I feel like we have found a way in which we are not identical. I was at the Avenger's opening night and Chris Evans is my least favorite part of it. Can I say though, that there is so much eye candy in there that even if you aren't a comic movie dork like I am you'll still really enjoy it. And the snarky humor- that's the best part.

    1. I don't know that I care so about Chris Evans... mostly just his butt cheeks. And this is something I learned about myself just this morning. Before that I could pretty much take or leave him.

      Jeremy Renner on the other hand... so delish.

    2. Ok I shall admit that the man does have a lovely rear end. And his ridiculous suit does do great things for it.

      But can I get a Robert Downey Jr what-what up in hear? Man is like a fine wine with more sarcasm.

  2. That is an amazing ass. Loved the clip of Phil you included!

    Congrats on starting the book project and also the weight loss--both easy things to say you want to do but much harder to actually accomplish.

  3. To begin with, is that a potato in TJ's pants or is he just glad to see you? That's all I have to say!

    1. Yes, he has a potato in his pants. Also Chris Evans has two canteloupes in the back of his pants.


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