May 29, 2012

Let's Take An Imaginary Vacation!

Years ago when I hated entirely loathed my job, I used to play a game with myself
to decompress and escape every once in awhile.

This game has very simple, easy-to-follow rules:

1. Browse resort websites online.
2. Pick out the one you like the best.
3. Pretend you are vacationing there instead of in your office being miserable.

I heard a morning tv show mention this weekend that studies show that most people
get more enjoyment out of planning a vacation than they do out of the actual vacation.
So it turns out my imaginary vacation planning game might not be so random.

Today my imaginary boyfriend Xavi is taking me to the Seychelles for a quick getaway
before the start of Euro.

We're staying at the Four Seasons Resort.  It looks pretty rad, you guys.

And since my stomach is so perfectly flat, I'll be wearing this most of the time:

What I Wish I Wore On Holiday 1

What I Wish I Wore On Holiday 1 by luxlis featuring a straw beach tote

I'll send you guys a postcard!

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your vacation, you've both worked so hard for it!

    And I've planned countless vacations that are likely to never happen. It usually gives me hours of enjoyment thinking and planning and then just a momentary sadness when I realize it's years off (or perhaps a millenia).


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