May 1, 2012


You guys, I channeled Liz Lemon so hard all day yesterday.

I mean... if I had to pick a TV character that my life most resembled it would be her.  Although I'm obviously not the head writer of a TV show, I am definitely a person that would eat a Pop Tart I found under the sofa.

I ate an entire Dove dark chocolate bar in about 2 minutes.  I bought it with the intention of eating half and saving the rest for later like an adult-type person might do, but that fell by the wayside pretty much immediately.

Also I spent the entire day with toothpaste up and down the entire length of the sleeve of my sweater.  I had to carry around a stack of papers all day to conceal it.

Also there was a maxi pad situation which I will not go into...  mostly for your sake and not because I'm in the least concerned about preserving my own dignity.

However, I've managed to pull myself together today.

And I took a photo of my shopping cart last night because it struck me as an educational visual aid for the 20-something ladies out there.

I misspelled hygiene.  Not surprised.

Get ready, sweet summer child.  Winter is coming.


  1. Love Liz Lemon, now with digital TV that we finally have installed I can record all episodes of 30 Rock!

    It took you 2 minutes you are so good? That chocolate bar wouldn't even have made it out of the shop!!!

  2. Gotta give you props for making it 2 minutes with a Dove bar. Those bad boys usually get inhaled like I'm a dying woman in the Sahara and it's a cold sip of water.

    If you're going to channel a person, Liz Lemons isn't so bad.


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