May 10, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Dapper As Fuck Edition

I've already talked about all of the (non-superficial) reasons I am infatuated with Pep Guardiola.  So let's focus on the superficial ones... because they are much more fun.

Pep's sartorial game is 100% immaculate.

Hoodies, cardigans, and sweater vests... oh my!!

The cardigan under the tailored suit look is killing me softly, you guys.

Even in jeans...I mean how are his jeans so perfect?!  Are they tailored too?

This shirt looks so soft.  It makes me want to pet  him slightly more than usual.

We need Pep to come to America immediately to teach these basic American boys about real swagger.  For realsies.

Okay.  I guess I'll stop now.  I think I've made my point.


  1. Look up Mancini...I only watch football with my house mates because of them managers!!

    1. We are so on the same page on this! I much prefer the managers to the players!

      Mr. Mancini is very distinguished and handsome!

      Okay... I have one for you now. Look up Mauricio Pochettino. He is the manager for Espanyol. Yum!

  2. Yes... yes your point has been made. He's delicious. And I totally appreciate his grooming, hygiene, and swag.

    PS- those jeans are totally tailored and that's hot.


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