May 4, 2012

Kentucky Derby

You guys, going to the Kentucky Derby is totes at the top of my bucket list.
I also want to see Belmont and the Preakness, but the Derb (that's what the cool
kids call it... okay maybe just me) is right there at the top.

So let's pretend I will be there tomorrow (totally drunk on mint juleps
and champagne), and ooh and ahh over how PRESH I will look in
my Valentino dress!!

Kentucky Derby


  1. I want to go to that Derby with you this weekend so badly. I just may have to find an outfit of my own. IDK IDK I just DK yet...

    Anyways, I love the outfit you've pulled together dear, just one, slight, teeney, tiny suggestion.

    Perhaps throw a bit of color in there. Something that will still go and still be classy. It's the Derby dah-ling, so you must have a classy hat that stands out. May I offer:,r:2,s:0,i:83

    That is a long ass link yo. 'pologies!

    1. Whoa. That is a mother fucking hat.

      Here's the thing: When you are planning on getting as drunk as I am you don't need to worry about drawing attention to yourself with your outfit. Because your most colorful accessory can be your lack of dignity.

    2. That's so true. Really, just so true. I can almost taste those mint juleps now.


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