March 15, 2012

I Don't Know Much

... but I know my knee hurts and my bra is too big. And I know I love you.

Yeah, that's right, I've only lost like 2 lbs, but apparently it's all in my bra.  Who knows?

The good news is that after a depressingly awful 2nd workout, I felt much better yesterday... like I could actually sort of, kind of keep up with the class.  So that's good.

I'm not sure what to do about this knee situation, though.  Having never been what anyone might consider an "athlete", I don't have a lot of experience coping with injuries.  Do I push through or rest it?

Here are my symptoms:
- Pain
- In
- My
- Knee

Basically when I put too much weight on my left leg I get a pain on the inside edge of my knee, and it feels like my knee is about to fold in on itself.

Kind of like this:

Is that bad?


  1. I'm no doctor. However, I believe, that feeling like your knee is going to fold in on itself is in fact "bad". Maybe wrap it tight with an Ace bandage for a while and especially if you continue with your boot camp. Congrats on 2 lbs lost though!

  2. first of all congrats on the 2lbs lost! i had the exact pain before, i think i just did too much exercise ...get some voltaren creme or something similar you can smear on the knee and do some gentle stretching and then should sort itself out in a few days hopefully!

  3. Yay! Congratulations! Hey, get some Theragesic for your likely just overworked it in ways it had not been previously worked, BUT if the pain persists, go get it checked out! Seriously, though...our household now refers to the creme as "Therajesus" has worked wonders for my carpal-tunnelly-tennis-ball-smashing wrists, lower back pain, and make-me-want-to-vomit hip pain after a fall I took last week. (No, my clumsiness has not improved with age.) :)


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