March 16, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Belated Edition

Whoa... how did I miss Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday?

I guess with all of the boob shrinkage and knee injuries, it just passed me by.

I would try to come up with someone new this week, but the truth is I have a pretty standard rotation of  ol' standby imaginary boyfriends.

This week I'm all about Prince Harry again.

Maybe it has something to do with all of the photos and videos of him dorking out and being awesome on his recent tour of Jamaica, Belize, and Brazil.

Maybe I'm a weirdo, but this video of Prince Harry awkwardly dancing in super adorable blue suede shoes just does it for me.

Twirl me, Harry... twirl me!!


  1. it works for me because he is ginger...sigh

  2. *le sigh* Harry, Harry, Harry... so adorable. So gingery. So much cuter than I expected when he was a kid.


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