March 7, 2012

I Forgot What I Was Going To Say

Oh hey.

I would write an actual blog today, but I'm temporarily mesmerized by this photo.  Excuse me.

In the meantime, have a good laugh over this Bad Lip Reading - Rick Santorum video.


  1. oh ello handsome man!!

    haha that video is pretty darn funny!!! The orange was just sitting there for me...shave it's peel off :D

  2. You know what?! I read this article yesterday:

    and in the comments there were women saying they would NOT tap that! They he just didn't "do it" for them. WTH. So then I apparently offended people when I suggested they get their estrogen levels checked.

    1. I guess I can understand how a person might not be into Jon Hamm... if that person also hated all things that are perfect and wonderful.

  3. You are killing me with the sexy Jon Hamm pictures. I want to eat him up like a big juicy steak.


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