March 8, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... 100th Post Edition!

You guys, this is my blog's 100th post!

Champagne pyramid for everyone!

Well, we've accomplished a lot in 100 posts.  We've talked about boys.  We've talked about cake and other food stuffs.  We've dealt with pedophiles. And my love affair with a sea captain.

Basically, we're a band of brothers now.

That's us emerging from the rubble of my blog together. We're bonded. None of you are allowed to leave. Ever.

No, seriously. EVER.

And, as a tribute to your loyalty, I'm going to allow you unlimited snuggle time with my husband and my dog.

But only for today.

I hope he doesn't spend the whole time talking about me.


  1. Congrats on 100th post!!! Let's get cake...any excuse for me really.

    Also you won't get that husband back....

  2. I tried cuddling your hubby earlier this morning. I told him I don't need words, I just need him hold me while I lay my head on his chest and gaze at his face while your dog lays by my feet. I am sad to report that he would NOT stop talking about you. Even the dog was busy wagging his tail while he gazed at the picture your hubby had of you on the night stand. I appreciate the thought though. It was lovely whenever he'd pause to take a breath.


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