March 6, 2012

I Think I've Made A Huge Mistake

You guys, my sister in law texted me yesterday and I'm not sure what happened, but it ended with me agreeing to do one of those fitness bootcamps with her.

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, what have I done?

What if the whole thing is just running while some guy with a shaved head screams in your ear until you cry and then vomit in front of everyone?

What if they make me stand in front of the class to demonstrate the wrong way to do an exercise like that time Mr. Greenwood made me stand up in front of the entire biology class so everyone could see what a widow's peak was?

In Mr. Greenwood's defense, I do practically look like Eddie Munster.

What if I poop my pants?

What if we're working out in the park and a pack of youths walk by and start laughing and pointing at us?

What then, huh?


  1. Oh dear. Good luck, you're gonna need it. Possibly. You could totally rock this. Don't sell yourself short! I can't wait to hear the report back from this adventure!

    Ugh. Youths.

  2. I plan on wearing a daiper. We both know I have zero bladder control in tense situations. I'm just glad to provide material for your blog :)

  3. Funny post--I like that reference to Mr. Greenwood.

    You can do it! Show that fitness bootcamp who's boss.

  4. Youths is hi-larious. The people that know you in real life are some lucky bitches.

    P.S. You'll probably die doing this bootcamp at first, but as you get more fit, it'll motiavate you to change your whole physical outlook.

    YOU CAN DO IT! <3


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