December 28, 2011

Back From the Wilderness

Hey Kids! I'm back from doing whatever it is my family does at Christmas time (mostly hibernating in the middle of nowhere in Kansas... which is a whole new degree of middle of nowhere that most people from other parts of the country would find terrifying).

So anyways, going to this middle of nowhere place my family spends Christmas meant that I had to give up using the internet machine for almost 5 DAYS... it was just awful.

So these are the things I've been doing that I couldn't tell strangers on the internet about, and really... what is the point in doing anything if you can't do that?

1. Eating lasagna... which I also made because I am magic and can do magic things like that.

2. Eating blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream to cut the sweetness.

3. Spending my windfall on the only things you're allowed to spend lottery money on: shoes and costume jewelry.

4. Watching old movies and re-runs of Wings (but that's pretty much an average Tuesday).

5. Learning lots of important facts like what an 'egg addler' does and the history of Esperanto from my brand new Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.  You guys, I love these books... it feeds my addiction for useless facts and trivia, but here's a fact: I pretty much never read them in the bathroom.  I'm much too sophisticated to do something that obvious.  I might as well wear the t-shirt of the band I'm seeing in concert to the concert. Bourgeois to the max.


  1. Me and Reader's Digest always have intimate times together. It's sad. I should have a subscription, but it's expensive. :-(

    Fact: I luuuuub lasanga.

    You're welcome, BTW. I hope you get some benefit from the mention today. :-)

  2. If you like useless facts you must watch many useless facts. It makes mepretty good in pub quizzes...but how often are they on?!


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