December 21, 2011

Genius At Work

This is what I did yesterday while being a bitch on the phone:

It's a picture of me and Christoph Waltz holding hands and eating ice cream cones.

In a Park.

The park is in a big city (see the skyscrapers in the background), but... wait! It's Paris! See the Eiffel Tour (the big black A on the horizon)!  Wow!!

How charming!

Also my dog Henry is with us, and he doesn't even need a leash because he is so well trained!

And I'm wearing high heels and they don't even hurt my feet a little bit! Look at my tiny waist!

I'm eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Christoph is having some weird Austrian flavor I've never even heard of.

You can tell how happy I am because I'm smiling, Christoph is so happy too, but it's hard to tell sometimes because he's Austrian.

We had a really good day together in the park, and then we went home to our cabin and watched Designing Women re-runs and made crafts with popsicle sticks and yarn.

What a great guy!

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  1. You look so thin! I love it :) Your hair looks good too!


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