December 22, 2011

I Have Nothing

Super busy today... it's the last push before this place shuts down for Christmas break (huzzah!). So I think that is the cause of my blogger's block this morning.

That and I'm still trying to process the American Horror Story season finale from last night.

Also I think listening to Karen Carpenter sing Christmas songs has put me into a dulcet, melodious coma this morning. It's the Christmas music equivalent of Xanax.

So I guess in the meantime you could watch these guys auditioning for a kung fu movie.  Over and over and over again.

I did at least 11 times.

Or you could read everything on The Oatmeal.  Starting with The Bobcats!

Or you could read any of the blogs listed on my sidebar... they're all good quality and good people!

Or you could just go take a nap.

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