December 5, 2011

Steal This Idea!

I've had a couple of friends recently tell me that their significant others were less than enthusiastic about Christmas. I believe the words 'Grinch' and 'Scrooge' came up in these conversations.

So later I was thinking to myself, "There sure are a lot of guys who just don't get how MAGNIFICENT Christmas is... what the hell is that all about?"

Then I had an awesome idea: a super awesome Christmas date night for you and your fella!!

Now I can't really use this idea right now since I am incredibly single (which, seriously, soooo fine with me right now), but maybe someone else could use it.

Here's the scene:
A sparkling Christmas tree
Some candles
Some Christmas treats... candy, cookies, popcorn, and hot chocolate
Maybe a nice crackling fire if you've got a fireplace

You settle in and get cozy on the couch to watch a Christmas movie.  At this point, your own personal Grinch has probably resigned himself to just getting through this for your sake and maybe for the possibility of some clothes optional cuddling later,  but then WHAT?!  because THIS comes on the screen, y'all:

That's right... Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker... shit just got real.  And your fella is probably super stoked at this point, because HELLO... guys love this movie. Like, for real, I have never ever met a guy who doesn't get a total boner for this movie.

And you should be happy too, because, you guys, this is totally a Christmas movie... one of my favorites actually. It's set during an office Christmas party  so it totally goes with the date night theme.

EVERYONE IS HAPPY.  You got cozy Christmas cuddle time and he got to watch guys throw each other off of roofs and shoot guns and shit.

So that's my idea.  I think it would be totally cute.  DO IT, YOU GUYS.


  1. BEST CHRISTMAS IDEA EVER. Very deserving of the caps.

    Although in my house, we'd be playing The Dark Knight. :-)

    And I must say, this blog is becoming a favorite to visit. You're doing a fantastic job, missy. Keep it up!

  2. Awesome!! :) I totally snort laughed when I read yippy ki yay motherfucker and then again when I read the word boner.....yep I act like a 7th grader :)

  3. Wow B! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm sure there are tons of guy-friendly movies that could be adapted to this purpose... I think one of the Lethal Weapon movies is set at Christmas too.

    And Kari, we're all 7th graders here! :)

  4. Hahhah, good idea. I made Boyfriend watch Love Actually with me and he survived. It was touch and go for awhile though..


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