December 9, 2011

Spinderella, Cut It Up One Time. Mmhmm.

Still obnoxiously busy... still convinced adulthood is a giant crock.

These are the first five songs that came up on my iPod this morning presented with as little commentary or explanation as possible.

1. The Chiffons - Dream, Dream, Dream

(Note: Okay this video is atrocious, but it's the only one I could find for this song.  This artwork looks like something Christopher Walken's 'The Continental' character from SNL would have in his apartment.  My personal favorite is the painting of the topless woman erupting from a volcano!)

2. They Might Be Giants - Spiraling Shape

3. Lady Gaga (featuring Beyonce) - Telephone

4. The Jam - News of the World

5. Salt N Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex

And you know what, this exercise has done a better job of explaining me than any amount of writing about myself could ever accomplish.

Folks, have a great weekend!

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