December 12, 2011

I Won't Quit My Day Job

Like most all white girls of my generation, I enjoy taking photos. Because of this I sometimes like to swap my endearingly-nerdy-trucker-hat persona for my oohlala-pretentious-artiste-beret persona... metaphorically speaking, of course (I don't own, nor would I ever own, a trucker hat. Blech).

I can't draw, as I have very clearly demonstrated,  so my artistic expression tends more towards the photography vein... mostly out of necessity.

I am not that great, guys.  I am the Tiny Tim of photographers, and Photoshop is my crutch (I think in this metaphor my inability to understand aperture is my tiny withered foot).  But, hey, it's fun and gets my creative mojo going.

Most of these are pretty old.  I haven't really used my camera in over a year (most expensive paperweight ever)... probably because while I was laid off last year I shut off my internet, and, you guys, what is the point of taking photos if you can't force everyone on the internet machine to look at them? I mean, really?

Basically, I'm sharing these in order to somehow trick myself into being motivated to take more.  Why I need to be tricked into doing something I enjoy I do not know or understand... such are the mysteries of me, I guess.

First, my pug Henry (the best dog model ever):


Christmas smile


Some photos from a trip to Savannah, GA:

  bonaventure monument 

  dramatic monument

bonaventure monument

monument with moss

church spire 

And some random bits and bats (aka If You Take A Picture of Something (Anything) Really Close Up, It's Totes Art, You Guys):

 horse nose



Maybe I should break out the old DSLR and do one of those 30 Photos, 30 days challenge thingamajigs? That might really cut into my sitting on my ass watching re-runs of Criminal Minds time, though.  Dilemmas.

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  1. I dare you to do the 30 photos, 30 days challenge!! It'll be fun. And, like you said, you'll be expressing your creativity. Which you seem to have in abundance!

    Express yourself. Aw yeah, aw yeah.


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