February 2, 2012

The Captain and I

Do not be deceived by this photo.  You are not looking at this year's top grossing real estate team.  What you are looking at are two diabolical, scheming stalkers.

What happened is that one day Kristine, my sister in law, and I were sitting quietly together reading scented, glossy magazines in a tucked away corner of the ship just happily minding our own business (but probably gossiping about our fellow passengers) when who should walk by us in his fancy schmancy uniform?

Capitano Stefano, of course. (That's Captain Stefano to the non-Italian speakers... I hope you picked up on the condescending tone in that)

We tracked him down to a conference room where he was performing a wedding ceremony (what a weird, old-fashioned tradition, by the way), sneaked back to our seats, and waited patiently.  It wasn't too much longer until he passed us by again, and I made sure to make eye contact and say 'hello'.

And, you guys, he actually winked at me.

Apparently that is all it takes to put me into Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction mode.

Here is the photo evidence of what transpired as a result of this one miniscule chance encounter and my slow descent into madness:

This is a sneaky stalker photo of the Captain's arm and his cute white pants as he walked past us minding his own business on the way to dinner.

Here is a sneaky stalker photo of me with the Captain (circled in red). Please note the skeptical look on my face.

Here is an incredibly creepy photo Kristine took of herself with Captain  outside of the  steakhouse.
This is me posing with what we decided, for what reason no one will ever know, was the Captain's favorite painting.
And, finally, this is me writing poetry to the sea... probably about the Captain.

The verdict:  We are giant fucking weirdos and we will probably be receiving a letter in the mail informing us that we are banned from all Carnival ships forthwith.

Also, here is an extra special bonus stalker photo of Aleksandar making toast... in case you were doubting our (mostly Kristine's) supreme stalking abilities.

So there you have it... NEWS FLASH! I am ridiculous, but I think most people had that figured out a long time ago, and, to be honest, I'm kind of proud to say I'm 30 and I behave far more ridiculously now than I ever did at age 14. So there.

Stay tuned for a bonus Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday post later today!


  1. The ability to be ridiculous comes with age. At 14 we're all WAY too concerned with other peoples perceptions of us. At our advanced and wise age, we're able to be ridiculous with glorious abandon!

  2. Hilarious. Glad you had some fun "people watching" adventures to keep you occupied.

  3. That is a genuine talent you have there!

  4. The pic of you looking at the sea is fabulous!! And I totally thought you two were the top real estate duo...now I am sad to find out you are not!

  5. awwhh, that looks like some good stalking!!!

  6. You make my heart happy, Jess.


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