April 16, 2012


My Super-Intelligent Thoughts re: Last Night's Episode of Game of Thrones

1. SAMWELL... he gave Gilly his mom's thimble. He is my a precious darling.

2. Jon Snow's hair after his scuffle with Craster made me laugh.  He seems like he would be very vain about his hair.  He was probably more upset about his hair being messed up than the cuts on his face.  I guarantee it.

3. Tyrion.  Holy shit TYRION.  Like a fucking boss.  He should totes be king. Also Tyrion and Bronn are my favorite bromance of all time.

I wish this were a real spinoff.  I would watch it so hard.

4. No King in My Pants The North AGAIN this week.  Bummer summer.

5. Best line of the entire series thus far : "These are the knights of summer and winter is coming." Chills.

6. I wanted to hate Margaery Tyrell mostly because I'm not a ginormous fan of Natalie Dormer (it's her mouth or something... I don't know), but I kind of dig her.  Girl sure does love to rock a low cut bodice.

7. Shae kind of annoys me.  The Dinklage could do better.

8. Oh Theon.... nononononoNO.  The scene when he burned the letter was ridiculously beautifully filmed though.

9. Slow clap for Arya Stark for being a BAMF.

10. I already miss Yoren.

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  1. I can't read this fully...I haven't seen the new episodes yet. But gawd do I love Therion. He and Arya are my favourite characters.


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