April 9, 2012

Tales of Infanticide and Incest

That's the alternative title I came up with for Game of Thrones.  Here are some more highly intuitive thoughts about last night's episode:

- I almost felt sorry for Theon.  ALMOST. And then he told that poor, dumb girl to smile with her mouth closed.

- From now on I will only be paying the iron price for everything. Grocery shopping is going to be tres interessant this week.

- I want to make Samwell Tarly a heaping plate of pancakes for just being so darn cute.

Look at his little face! It kills me!
- I mean, seriously, it was like a parade of adorable Samwell last night. He wanted to try to deliver Gilly's baby because he had "read about it a bit"...  no doubt on WebMD.

- Gendry and Arya. GENDRY AND ARYA!  I love their banter. So cute!

- Jaqen!! Very excited for Jaqen.  VERY.


- And once again The Dinklage brought it hardcore with the witticisms and clever clark one-liners. Like a boss... every episode.


  1. Okay, I hear so much about this show, but I've never seen it. What is it about exactly?

    1. First and foremost, it is the best show that ever lived.

      I would describe it as 'The Sopranos Invade Middle Earth but With Less Chivalry and Respect For Women. Plus A Lot of Incest. And Dragons Too'.

      And the thing is that the women (who I am 100% certain are going to take over this entire thing) are the most evil, conniving, and awesome. They make the men look like pussies.

      So it's set in Westeros which is a made up world that is basically medieval England. The king dies and everyone is about to destroy each other trying to claim the throne as their own (hence 'Game of Thrones'). Also there are these things in the north called White Walkers who kill people and turn them into Zombie soldiers. Also the seasons are unpredictable. It has been summer for 9 years and everyone is dreading the approaching winter.

    2. AND it has twin bro on twin sis incest. Sexy men (even when they're just 4'5"). Bastard kids still nursing at like 10, other bastard kids crowned king, whores, fighting, DRAGONS, OMG IT'S ALL SO AMAZING. Did I mention the sexy men?

      And agreed, the women are the real players in this game.


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