April 4, 2012

The Spring Reds

I think i'm suffering from bloggers block.  It's totes a thing, you guys.

Not that the material I provide here is ever top notch, but I do try for the most part.  It just ain't happening this week.

Did you know that some cases of anxiety and depression are triggered by the transition to Spring?  It's true... I read it on the internet machine so it must be.  Apparently, it has something to do with the longer days and exposure to sunlight and biorhythms or something, but it makes people feel batshit crazy.

I know I'm definitely feeling the anxiety... it's really more like a case of Holly Golightly Mean Reds.

Here are some of the things I am anxious about:

- What if my one true talent is the violin, but since I never tried it as a child I will never know that I am a violin prodigy?
- What if my car tires all explode at once while I'm driving 70 mph?
- What if I'm walking through the yard and get scraped by a stick and end up with that flesh eating bacteria because I read a story about that happening to a woman once?
- What if Rick Santorum ends up president?

Spin that all together with a bunch of random thoughts about Game of Thrones, cake, unicorns, and Harry Lloyd...

... And you have a pretty accurate representation of my brain. So basically like this:

Yes, exactly like that.


  1. Even when you aren't trying hard, I still love you. You give it the best you can. That's all you can do. We'll wait for you.

    Meanwhile, I'm coming up on my period and all I'd like to do is put my head on my desk and go to bed. It's a very big temptation because I am T-I-R-E-D.

    P.S. The Rick Santorum possibly being president thing gives me anxiety too. In a big way.

    1. Yesterday I started writing a blog and it started sounding like the rage-aholic rantings of someone about to be commited so I decided my period must be imminent.

      And TBH, it's not just Rick Santorum... it's all of them.

  2. I figured out who you remind me of....or who reminds me of you! Do you watch Happy Endings on Wednesday (it's on after Modern Family). I can't believe I am about to say this, but it's like Friends only funnier...I love Friends!

    Anywho, I could swear they based the character Penny off of you!! She has the same silliness that you do and I love it! I often have irrational fears also...I feel you on the flesh eating bacteria thing, damn WebMD. I swear I have cancer all the time. I sit down at my piano and say outloud: "be a savant, be a savant." Then I play and it still sounds like the same person who only knows chopsticks, both parts of heart and soul, and can play part of Happy Birthday. Sometimes, I daydream about getting a life do over from like age 18...that would be awesome. At any given time, I know I am going to be run over or run off the road by a trucker...I hate semi trucks!!

    1. Okay. First of all, OF COURSE I KNOW HAPPY ENDINGS, and I loooove that show! I loved it when Megan Mullally played Penny's mom!

      I need to go all of the way back to age 13 to really undo some of the numb skull things I've done during my adulthood. Jeez.

      Also, 2 hours I spent on the internet last week trying to decide if I skin cancer. I turns out I don't, but I may have prostate cancer. What?

  3. You brain sounds great to me!! I know the feeling, it's the same for me and drawing..... brain just goes poop

    I really like the violin prodigy anxiety!!

  4. Santorum is the worst of worstest. We'll all doomed if any of those quacks get into office. I just need Obama to be a little more... a little more like he was while he was running for office. What happened to the spice and backbone and the "YES WE CAN!" Now it's just kinda, "We'll try guys. And if we don't get them this time maybe we'll try again later, mmkay?"


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