April 2, 2012

Dragon Christmas Thoughts

Here are the most intelligent things I thought about during the season premiere of Game of Thrones:

- Craster asked Jon about his "moist" vagina.  You just got hardcore burned, Jon Snow.

- Was Robb about to make out with his mom?  It really felt like it for a second.

- Melisandre is like a red Elvira.

- Where the fuck is Arya?

- Bronn and Tyrion 'til the end of time, y'all.

- Not nearly enough Samwell.

- On the list of most likely ways I will die, wine-drowning is probably in the top 5.

- Jon Snow, when you hear a story about a man marrying his daughters, begetting more daughters, and then marrying those daughters, your very first question shouldn't be about his sons.

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