April 23, 2012


So the whole boot camp thing... let's just say it didn't go very well.

I made it through 3 weeks (actually more like 2 1/4 weeks) and then quit spectacularly.

I quit because of reasons.  So many reasons.

a) I hated it.
b) I hated it with the fury of a thousand fiery suns.
c) I hated it and I hated its ass face.

Here's a visual representation of how I felt most days when I left boot camp class:

So that's how that went in a nutshell.

The past few weeks I have just really lost my oomph and motivation so hard.  Then last week my mom asked if I would be interested in doing a diet/exercise thingamajig together.  Sometimes I just need to start over with a clean slate to get myself back in the right head space. I'm hoping this is the ticket.

We're keeping it super simple.  Just counting calories and walking every day together, but I think it will be good to start establishing a little structure for a couple of weeks.

Also, an added bonus of getting back into an exercise routine will be having an excuse to bust out the ol' Zubazs.

Stars and stripes, my friends.  Like a real American.

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  1. God you are so patriotic, it's inspiring! I too have been doing the counting calories and walking thing. Except for a while I wasn't really consuming many calories to count and now all I want to eat is tacos. My goal is to gain only the 15 pounds the doctors want and not the 60 pounds that my mom gained with me.


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