April 26, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Imaginary Date Night Version

I figured an imaginary date night with my imaginary boyfriend was an excellent way to combine two of my current obsessions into one tidy little package all tied up with a sparkly pink bow.

So first we have the Game of Thrones component, obviously.  My new imaginary boyfriend Joe Dempsie plays the adorable, protective pseudo-brother character Gendry to every one's favorite HBIC Arya Stark.


(Note: It is super hard to find photos of Joe Dempsie where he is not a) covered in filth and grime as Gendry in Game of Thrones or b) looking like a goofy boy as Chris in Skins.  Attention media: we need more current photos of Joe Dempsie. Immediately.)

And the next component in this imaginary date night is the super adorable date night outfit I put together for my imaginary self on Polyvore.

What I Wish I Wore 11

The thing is that Joe is a shorty.  And I am 5'8".  So in those 5 inch platforms, it will look like Brienne of Tarth is taking Tyrion Lannister out for a good time in King's Landing.  Super cute, you guys.

Mad props to these two.  I just couldn't.

But since this is an imaginary date I can be whatever height I want.  So I am now 5'3" and I have dainty size 5 feet.  And my legs are so skinny that sometimes people think I have an eating disorder.  But, obviously, I don't because I also eat everything in sight and I never have to exercise because my metabolism is so crazy.

So I don't know where Joe and I are going, but I'm sure it will involve eating (with this new metabolism I might as well) and lots of crazy hi jinks and laughs.  And then...

... a goodnight kiss at the top of the London Eye.  Cheesy, but also pretty cute, you guys.

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  1. You know, if I had a date with Joe Dempsie (and I'm speaking theoretically assuming I wasn't married and/or preggo) that hot outfit would just be balled up on the floor of some London flat.

    Which, btw, I love that outfit. All of it. From the shoes to the shirt to the nail polish.

    And hey! I'm 5'8 too! Ugh, for years all the guys I dated I was taller than in my shoes (I used to rock wedges like it was my job). Then I married my hubby who's 6'3 and suddenly BAM I just wear flats (for the most part).


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