April 12, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Throwback Edition

Do any of you guys really feel like adults?  Like responsible, tax-paying, chardonnay-drinking adults?

I don't.

I think the last age I remember being good at is 13.  Seriously... I was awesome at being 13.

When I was 13 I spent an entire summer laying around a swimming pool, reading Seventeen Magazines, and day-dreaming about cute musicians.  So, basically, the same things I enjoy doing now (just swap out the teen magazine for Glamour or Architectural Digest).

Today's Imaginary Boyfriend has the honor of officially being my longest running crush.  We're pushing 20 years together (in my mind).  That's a lot longer than most marriages, you guys.  That's commitment.

His name is Graham Coxon, and when we first met he was playing guitar for Blur (a band that continues to be one of my all time favorites).  He has since moved on to make critically (and Jess)-acclaimed solo albums.  He is rad, you guys.

But the thing is... he's not really eye candy in the traditional sense.

He's got that whole nerd chic thing going on (which he was doing waaaay before Weezer and their ilk dreamt it up). He wears glasses and sweater vests and tweed and corduroy... all while on stage rocking out.

Bestill my 13 going on 31 heart.  I still think he is pretty terrific.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Graham.  I was going to pick one of his original songs, but he does a cover of The Libertines 'Time For Heroes' that blows my mind... sososo good.


  1. The time has come. Our first clash.

    Remember in the 90s when the Oasis vs Blur feud was more profound than the Tupaq vs Biggie feud? Well I was firmly planted with Oasis which means my loyalty meant I must reject everything Blur.

    I'm not going to say I didn't secretly get down to Song #2, I'm just saying when I did the guilt was stronger in me than with most Catholics. (That's a thing right? Catholics have a lot of guilt?)

    Although I do feel you on the non-conventional sexiness of a long standing love. My first crush was Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation- Wil Wheaton. I'd still tap that. And don't even get me started on my Oasis lover Noel Gallagher.

    1. Okay... here's the thing. I actually reallyreallyreally love Oasis. We go way back together. And I dearly love Noel Gallagher and his giant eyebrows. But I cannot stand that cocksucker Liam Gallagher. He's an asshole on an epic level.

      Plus I love underdogs. And that is why me and my boys from Blur are going to rock steady together forever.

    2. You know what? I hate Liam too. Such a whiney little bitch. But I can definitely feel you on love for the underdog, you gotta fight against them an sometimes.

    3. *the man not "them an". 'Poligies.

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  3. I was thinking nerd chic before I saw you writing it...I can see why you guys have been "together" for 20 years... 5 more and you got silver anniversary :D

    My longest crush has been 11 years so far...friend of my brother (sigh)

    1. For our silver anniversary I'm buying myself a silver ring engraved with the word "Loser".

      Is your crush married or otherwise taken? If not, you should go for it! I'm very good at being brave when it comes to other peoples' lives :D

    2. he is seeing someone, also it doesn't help that he lives in Germany. 2 years ago Christmas we kisses..awwhh. Can you order me one too?


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