April 20, 2012

What I Wish I Wore Today

I promise I'm going to stop it with these any day now.  I'm currently trying to fill
 the gaping void in my soul that I usually stuff full of food with theoretical
shopping sprees on the internet.  It's not working, but it sure is fun!

What I Wish I Wore 4/20/2012


  1. Butter London polish has seduced me with the word "London" in it's name and the promise of "butter" as well. Can I just say, it's not worth the price. It goes on kind of thin and chips like a mother. I'd rather spend $6 less and get some sweet Essie or Zoya.

    I'm a nail polish whore in case you were wondering.

    1. I actually like a lot of Butter London polishes. I don't get too stressed out about polishes that chip too quickly because I am a nutjob that constantly changes her nails anyways. Also Seche Vite top coat can keep everything under control for at least 3 days. Scoundrel by Butter London is one of my favorite polishes... I wear it a lot.

    2. Also, as if we needed ANOTHER thing in common, I too am a nail polish whore. I am the Ros of nail polish.

    3. I'm going to have to look into that top coat. Perhaps there's hope for and and the Butter London after all.

  2. We should go thrifting and put together some of these looks. I can't stand shopping with my kids while I'm trying to dig through thrift stores....so it will just be a girl's day out!!


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